When Covid-19 hit the UK, we started making face shields to donate to our local hospital. Within two weeks, we had moved to factory production with injection moulding machines. This allowed the CoVisor headband and adjustable strap to be made from solid polypropylene – easy to clean for reuse, indestructible and recyclable.

CoVisor is a collaboration between Concept Shed Ltd  & Dufort Associates Ltd, initially brought together by 3D Kernow CIC.

Who We Are

Francis Dufort

Francis is a designer with over 40 years’ experience in industrial design and manufacturing. He founded the product design & development company Dufort Associates in 1997, specialising in design prototyping and offering in-house manufacturing facilities; including injection moulding equipment.



Sam Lanyon

Sam is an engineer, designer & founder of Concept Shed. He has twenty years’ experience working on unusual & innovative projects, including designing products for the NHS & healthcare sector. His work has been featured all over the world; from BBC Dragon’s Den to international tech magazines.



Shawn Brown

Shawn is an award-winning engineer, inventor & YouTuber. He uses his expertise in designing & building unique things to promote science, engineering and invention to young people on the Kids Invent Stuff YouTube channel.

So many individuals and companies gave their time, resources and services to help CoVisor, from processing orders, driving PPE to hospitals, finance, design, web, press and technical. A particular thank you to CitySprint who provided a same-day delivery service for CoVisor completely free for two months during lockdown.