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Another Update

Firstly, a thank you to everyone that has to wear a visor for what they are doing. I am humbled when I look at the number of visors in use and what is happening.

Secondly, thank you to everyone who has supported our project to get it this far this fast.

It has been another day of non-stop logistics, sourcing and solving. A record 6.5hrs of calls and video calls logged on my mobile, plus we discovered Good Friday, Easter and bank holiday Monday have suddenly loomed out of the future to stop much of the pallet network for our materials – so it may be a friend with a van and a lot of miles.

The team at Dufort packed and dispatched almost 800 visors, including 8 bought by a funeral director, 50 donated to Maternity at Treliske and an urgent request at lunchtime from Treliske Critical Care Unit for 100 units, which were packed and donated by this afternoon and are in use this evening. Thanks again CitySprint and to John for the Treliske trip.

Helpful Engineering, the open source medical equipment organisation we work with, asked if we could look at ramping up production volumes for the UK and in line with our stretch target, Shawn is now going to be working on ways to increase our manufacturing capacity to a nationally significant level.

Feedback from visors received today:
“The visors turned up today and were immediately used as we speak on a callout, thank you so very much for the speed in which these were ordered and delivered, it has helped in restoring confidence in my staff when dealing with difficult circumstances as you can all appreciate.”

“Some very appreciative and grateful staff at Treliske send big thanks to you and promise to review / photo.”