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Easter Update

A slight distraction from face shields, but Friday morning was upsetting and rewarding in equal measure. We distributed 3,500 masks that we were able to donate thanks to your support. Volunteer Cornwall’s ‘Cornwall PPE’ project managed the allocations and delivery split between Phil Penna and Cornwall 4×4 team.

It was so rewarding being able to provide supplies to NHS staff in need, the day they need it, but it also brought home the question of how was I here, loading boxes of masks I had ordered a month ago from China into the back of Land Rover to deliver to St Austell Hospital, Newquay Hospital, Falmouth Hospital along with GPs surgeries around the county? A big thank you to Carrie, the agent I deal with in China and UPS for actually getting it Falmouth. Sorry to Esme for the stress I caused sticking several thousand pounds on my credit card in early March without any idea how I was going to pay it off.

Also on Good Friday we successfully received our pallet of 750m of clear material for face shield screens and got 500 CoVisors delivered to Chris McIntyre in Newcastle upon Tyne to help their #PPE4NE project of donating PPE. We were able to provide them better face shields, faster and cheaper than they could make them themselves. It was great to see photos of it being received by NHS staff there the next day.

For me, the weekend has been non-stop phone calls and 14 hour days in front of screens, working with Jowan to get an ordering system up and running, with Alcwyn to move and rebuild our website, processing orders and annoying Shawn while he works on building relationships with more injection moulding companies to increase production and Francis who has been on a mission designing the next CoVisor version.

Thank you mostly to everyone on the production team who have kept the machines running for 3 out of the 4 days of Easter.