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First two weeks of production

It has been a pretty intense first two weeks, especially for Dufort team at the factory. While production is not where we imagined, we have manufactured and distributed over 5,200 CoVisor face shields. From donating to the maternity wing at Treliske to supplying at-cost to undertakers, we have supplied face shields for use at over 70 organisations across Cornwall and the UK. They are being used in Critical care, in ambulances, in minor injuries, by carers, dentists, specialist nurses, in surgeries and by doctors visiting people’s homes.

CoVisor has now been approved by some NHS Trusts for their use and an Ambulance Service Trust has said it is their face shield of choice as it is comfortable and easy to clean for reuse. Our original aim of being reusable is becoming an important feature, allowing relatively small volumes to meet the demand with very little outlay compared to very high volumes needed for single use visors.

Thank you Francis Dufort, the main man behind it all. Thank you Shawn Brown, Louis, Alex, Elliot, Jack, Colin, Kim and everyone else at the factory. Thank you Linden at Design2Create, Gavin & Martin, City Sprint (and Kev), Phil Penna, Rosa, Chris, Esme & girls. Thank you Helpful Engineering Team, Jayne Kirkham, Katherine Lewis, Kingdom & Sparrow, Eleanor and everyone else that has given so much time.

Thank you to all of you who have donated to our Crowdfunder, it would not have been possible without you.

Also over the last two weeks we have been able to donate 500 disposable gowns and nearly 4,000 disposable face masks to healthcare settings in Cornwall including Treliske, St. Austell hospital, Newquay Hospital, Falmouth Hospital, all the Helston surgeries, Cornwall’s out of hours GP service and many more surgeries.

There have been quite a few challenges – managing production with a compressor failing and then a CNC machine breaking and a replacement being setup in parallel to the product development and new tooling to implement feedback from users and little improvements to CoVisor version 1.2 which is now super flexible, making assembly even easier for users.

We are currently working on securing new clear screen material supplies that we can purchase by the tonne and also working towards CE marking for CoVisor to meet BSEN166 as Cat. II PPE. Achieving this will allow us to continue providing CoVisor face shields in the short term, as well as long term if a need remains domestically or internationally.