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Over 20,000 items of PPE distributed

CoVisor chart May 2020

15th May 2020

Since starting six weeks ago, we have distributed over 19,000 items of PPE.

Of those 19,177 items, we have donated 500 gowns, 2,335 visors and 5,600 masks so far.

The breakdown of sectors using our CoVisor face shields is shown here.

CoVisor PPE chart

(HSC = Health & Social Care).

While we have spent over two thirds of our funding, the budget remaining allows us to continue our work and to make donations where needed.

Our aim is to become sustainable and continue CoVisor in the long term, offering one of the highest quality reusable visors available at a price below many of the disposable ones while still keeping it manufactured in Cornwall. With many PPE projects now winding up due to the requirement to comply with standards,  we are currently undergoing CE testing to EN166 Cat. III PPE which will allow us to continue supplying within the UK and also internationally if needed.

CoVisor face shield pallets